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Sarah's artwork database is always expanding. If you are a fan of her humorous paintings, you will love her children's line. You may already be familiar with "Dream Big" and "Walk Tall"

"Dream Big"
©2005 Sarah Minor
"Walk Tall"
©2005 Sarah Minor
This pair has been wildly popular for children's nurseries and gifts. Sarah is now developing an entire line of paintings geared for children. Watch here for new paintings! If you are interested in a Giclee Print of anything you see here, click here.
"Anything is Possible"
©2005 Sarah Minor
"Show Your True Colors"
©2006 Sarah Minor
"Find Balance "
©2006 Sarah Minor
"Keep Smiling "
©2006 Sarah Minor
"Monkey Business "
©2006 Sarah Minor
"Build a Bright Future"
©2006 Sarah Minor
"Believe in Fairy Tales"
©2006 Sarah Minor
"Beautify Your World"
©2006 Sarah Minor
©Sarah Minor
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