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Sarah Minor grew up in rural Missouri in the heart of the Midwest. Artwork was her calling from a very young age. Sarah remembers receiving her first blue ribbon at the age of five from her kindergarten art teacher, Mrs. Sue Mudd. She knew from that moment she wanted to follow her dreams of becoming a professional artist.

Much has occurred in the years between kindergarten and now. Sarah went on to excel in the arts through high school and college. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1995 from Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri and then promptly went to work as art director and public relations specialist for the USDA. After seven years with the USDA, Sarah took two years of leave to move to Lafayette, Louisiana for her husband to take an administrative residency with a hospital there.

During those two years, her family of four became a family of five with her husband Neal and their three daughters Miranda, Elizabeth (Lizzie) and newest arrival Clara Scott. Aside from a growing family, Sarah’s artwork began to grow as well. Sarah’s work began to reflect more of her own humor and wit and the works were and continue to be very well received.

In 2004 Sarah and her family made the decision to move back to their hometown of Monroe City, Missouri.

“This was always the goal, “ says Sarah, “we’ve always appreciated the slower pace and graceful lifestyle of a small town. Family was the main draw to move back home. I feel I’m at my best on a lazy Saturday, gazing at my overstuffed basset hound basking in the sun, with the mystic sound of a train whistle in the distance conjuring up memories from my childhood sleeping with the window open on a warm Summer evening. These are the things that awaken my senses and allow my creativity to sparkle.”

Sarah works with clients from all over the United States in both design, and illustration. Sarah is available for both commission and licensing opportunities.

Sarah’s style is whimsical and lively with lots of color and an eye for detail. Her work is unique, in that, it seems to adapt to whatever the mood calls for. Sarah has been taking on commission projects for over ten years and sees each one as a challenge to reach into her vast collection of styles and skills to strike just the right creative note for the project at hand.

Take a moment to saunter through Sarah’s portfolio. If you like what you see and want to learn more about how to contact Sarah for your next venture, visit the Contact page and schedule your project with Sarah.
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